Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Before we all go into high dudgeon about how awful Rod Blagojevich is and how terrible the corruption is in the Land of Lincoln, remember…

--Every major Democratic politician in Illinois (with the exception of Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who claimed her endorsing Blagojevich for a second term would be a conflict of interest because her office was investigating him. After you read my last bullet point, please re-read Ms. Madigan’s rationale, or rationalization, for not supporting Mr. Blagojevich. I do not digress in this instance.), and every national Democrat who was asked, endorsed Blagojevich. And we keep electing these guys.

--The Republican Party in this state made only the slightest of feints toward opposing Rod Blagojevich, putting up first perennial political loser, but nice guy, Jim Ryan and then the likeable and somewhat competent, but not to be taken all that seriously Judy Baar Topinka. The GOP was very comfortable with the political arrangements in Illinois, including having Dick Mell’s son-in-law, and then Dick Mell’s estranged son-in-law, comfortably ensconced in the West Ravenswood governor’s mansion. They were, after all, getting their share. And we keep electing these guys.

--By far the most important…We, the voters of Illinois, elected this portrait of arrested development…twice.

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