Tuesday, September 21, 2010



My new book, The Chairman’s Challenge, A Continuing Novel of Big City Politics, is now available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions at Amazon.com and in the prior two versions at most other online booksellers. The book can be ordered at any book store. I have not yet been able to get copies to local independents, most notably Anderson’s in Naperville and Bookies’ on 103rd and Western in Chicago, or to my friends in the media who have been so helpful in the promotion of the original Chairman, but, hopefully, they will have their copies of the book in a few weeks.

One little detail that might make it worth your while to order now…or maybe not. We made a slight (slighter than even I thought) revision to the back cover of the paperback and the inside back dust jacket of the hardcover. I suspect that I am the one of the very few who will notice the change, or, more properly, who will notice the reason I (and only I) felt the change had to be made. However, if you order within the next few weeks, you will get the old, pre-change version, which could conceivably become something of a collectors’ item! Okay, maybe not, so try this one: Why not buy now and buy again after the new version comes out and see if you notice the slight grammatical miscue that prompted the change. Hey, anything to sell a few books!

This book is, of course, similar to The Chairman, A Novel of Big City Politics, of which it is the sequel. However, while I will always like the original Chairman more, I suspect this one will appeal to a wider audience; it moves more quickly from the start while the original luxuriated in background in the first few chapters. I, and many of you, enjoyed those first few chapters of detail, but many readers prefer more action earlier in the book. The new book satisfies that craving while leaving out nothing of the rich political background found in the original Chairman.


If you liked The Chairman, you’re going to like this book. I will be curious to know which you liked more. If you didn’t like The Chairman, there’s a very good chance you’ll like this book. Either way, you should buy The Chairman’s Challenge, A Continuing Novel of Big City Politics.

Enjoy the book. Let me know what you think. And don’t hesitate to write a review on Amazon if you have time.

Thanks; I appreciate your reading the blog and my books and I strive to continue to make both enjoyable and informative.

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