Monday, June 8, 2009



Over the weekend, my 16 year old daughter and 10 year old son were watching a rerun of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta’ Hear” on MTV. Yes, apparently Americans don’t get enough cotton candy (arsenic, really) for the mind on the networks on prime time; they feel compelled to continue the copious doses of mental anesthesia during their weekend afternoons. (How much time do people have on their hands, anyway?) And, yes, my kids shouldn’t be watching such headrot, but why make it the forbidden fruit? They’re bright enough to pick this stuff out for the intellectual intestinal detritus that it is.

After watching an episode of this drivel, apparently an episode rerun from very recently, my son told me:

“Daddy, these celebs are idiots. One asked the governor’s wife why her husband was going to jail. Everyone knows that, Daddy.”

Two thoughts and one emotion (PRIDE!!!) welled up as soon as those words left my son’s lips. First, this kid is a real chip off the old block with amazing powers of discernment; what a kid! Second, this was a time to relate a profound lesson to my son, to wit:

“Mark, now you’ve learned that celebrities are not celebrities because they are smart. They are celebrities because other people are stupid.”

At the expense of breaking my arm patting myself on the back, I thought that lesson I imparted to my young son was profound enough to post on the Insightful Pontificator. You might want to share it with your offspring.


Dud said...

Hey Professor Quinn, it's Dustin! While I hope that I do not have children for the foreseeable future, I am constantly reminded with each reality show and new program on E! Entertainment how much I hope my own children don't succumb to the fascination with other peoples' lives as has now become the American way. Yikes!

The Pontificator said...


Thanks, Dustin. I am confident that WHEN THE TIME COMES, you will do as spectacular a job raising your kids as you did in my Fina 350 class, and you'll have to, given the temptations for vacuousness and outright silliness that our modern society presents.