Monday, March 5, 2012



My two novels, The Chairman and The Chairman’s Challenge, are now available at a new outlet, Marathon Books.

Marathon was started by an enterprising young man, and fellow Illinois graduate, Eric Wallor, who saw the market for a marketplace for books of all kinds when he first helped friends and relatives try to sell their used textbooks for more than the pittance they were offered by their college bookstores. The enterprise has been expanded to include the buying and selling of all types of books, and now Eric is making a major move into fiction. I was pleased both to help this hard-working young entrepreneur and to employ another outlet for my books. Currently, I am one of the featured authors on the site, so an interview of me, as well as a link to this site, is prominently displayed at Simply go to the site and there are the books, the interview, and the links.

If you haven’t bought my books yet, consider doing so on Marathon. And if you’re looking to buy or sell textbooks (I know I have a lot of students in my readership.) or any kind of books, check out Marathon Books. Even if you have bought my books, go to the Marathon site and see the interview; it was very well done.

Speaking of my books, with all the prompting that has come my way over the last month or so, there will be a third in the Chairman series.


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