Monday, November 1, 2010



I, like doubtless many of you, spend a lot of time listening to Newsradio 78. (For those of you outside the Chicago area, Newsradio 78 is our all news CBS radio affiliate, the equivalent of WCBS in New York.) As an avid listener, I must endure the many inane commercials on this otherwise outstanding station promoting the network’s visible fare. One such ad that seems to have just started this morning features a hapless and gormless couple trapped by their navigation system in a loop that will not let them leave their home. The nav system explains to them that if they leave their house now, they will miss CBS’s Monday night lineup and then goes on to list the figurative cow excrement that CBS serves up to the addle-brained on Mondays: Two and Half Men, Spike and Jolly, Why I Ditched Your Mother, etc. (or something like that).

Two thoughts…

--Someone got paid a lot of money to produce this ad. And someone got paid a lot of money to produce these shows. Admittedly, I’ve never considered my time so utterly valueless that I have seen any of these abominations before God and man, but that they actually make money for someone nearly shakes my faith in the free market.

--A scary musing, too late for Halloween but just in time for Election Day: the people who idle away their time anesthetizing their grey matter watching such drivel actually get to vote. Talk about scary! For the sake of the Republic, let’s hope they find the bout of mental flatulence served up by the networks on Tuesday prior to election coverage so compelling that they just can’t make it to the polls.

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