Thursday, July 8, 2010



Last night I taped an interview with Milt Rosenberg, host of WGN’s Radio’s Extension 720. Extension 720 has long been my favorite radio talk show (I suspect many of you share the same sentiment.), so it was especially gratifying to meet Milt and his producer, Stephanie Menendez, and talk with Milt about my book, The Chairman, A Novel of Big City Politics, and about Chicago politics in general. You will find the interview fascinating; Milt is a very good interviewer.

Extension 720 now airs from 10:00 PM to midnight on Monday through Thursday at 720 AM. WGN is a 50,000 watt station and can be heard at night in most of the country. It also streams its programming live. However, due to the show’s being preempted by Cub games so frequently, many of the programs are now exclusively podcast, as I suspect this one will be. Milt’s interview of me is not “up” yet, but should be shortly. Simply go to

and you will find a list of podcasts that will soon include that of my interview. The interview was done in two twenty minute segments. It will take a few minutes to load, but it’s worth the wait.

There is also a chance that the show will be run on the radio, in all likelihood after a Cub game wraps up, leaving some time for Extension 720 but not for a full two hour program. Unless you are a regular Extension 720 listener (which many of you are), you will have to stumble upon it sometime in the 11 PM hour over the next few weeks. In any case, the podcast should remain available for some time.

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