Tuesday, June 22, 2010



This morning’s (i.e., Tuesday, 6/22’s) Chicago Tribune, in its update on the Blagojevich trail, contained this tantalizing tidbit:

“(Blagojevich) pushed (chief of staff John Harris) to find financial firms doing state business who might be willing to take on Patti Blagojevich, WHO HAD RECEIVED A LICENSE TO BE A FINANCIAL ADVISOR.” (Emphasis mine)


As I outlined in my 6/9/10 post (I OWE, I OWE SO OFF TO EXTORT I GO), one of the many reasons that Rod Blagojevich found himself in trouble was that he and his wife Patti had spent themselves to a point at which they were broke despite a healthy six figure income and all the perks of the governor’s office. Financial desperation (accompanied, of course, by a huge and misplaced ego) led the RodMan to use his office as leverage in usually hare-brained money raising schemes designed to keep the profligate pair from financial ruin.

Now we learn that Patti Blagojevich, who had displayed such keen financial management skills in her personal life, has, or had, a license to be a financial advisor. So if you need advice on how to spend yourself into the poor house, I suppose she’s your gal.

The lesson? Be careful when someone calling himself or herself a financial advisor wants to help you with your money. There are plenty (well, at least a few) good ones out there, but the profession is populated with popinjays and politicasters peddling pap and presdigitation.

On another note…

John Harris may be nearing the end of his testimony in the Blagojevich case, but keep your eye on this guy. Given his background, he knows more about what really goes on in this city than anyone else who has so far appeared in this trial. See my 12/13/08 post “I TRUST THESE MEN WITH MY LIFE, SENATOR. TO ASK THEM TO LEAVE NOW WOULD BE AN INSULT.” But Harris still probably doesn’t know enough to cause real trouble for the people who really matter. See Chapter 5 of my upcoming book, THE CHAIRMAN’S CHALLENGE, A CONTINUING NOVEL OF BIG CITY POLITICS, part of which I will post on the blog. See my next (or last, depending on one’s perspective) post.

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