Thursday, September 18, 2008



Another blog entry on the run, this one in response to one of my former colleagues and current close friends. He asked (jokingly—the man has known me for almost twenty years) if I had any sympathy for the Wall Street types, who thought the gravy train would go on forever, in the wake of the crisis they have created.

My response:


I got your call the other night; the geniuses are scratching their heads right now. But they're probably not confused; they're trying to figure out the next scam on the American public.
The sad thing is that it will go on forever for the Wall Street wizards: severance packages and nice, new jobs with other members of the "club," certainly for the guys at the top, who were ultimately responsible for this ongoing fiasco. Nothing stops these guys, not even brazen idiocy and incompetence, from making huge amounts of money. Then, when the average guy loses his job when it is shipped off to India or China, these poltroons say that he ought to "work at acquiring new skills to compete in the dynamic world economy." Yeah, new skills like destroying venerable financial institutions by creating financial Frankensteins, fine as long as they only prey on the peasants.

Again, capitalism without failure is like Christianity without hell. But we abandoned capitalism a long time ago; what we have now is corporatism/old boyism.
This, too, sounds like a blog entry.

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