Wednesday, February 6, 2008



One of my favorite and most self-descriptive expressions is that as cynical as I get, it’s impossible to keep up. Lately, I’ve been joking that John McCain is so obtuse, so out of touch with reality, that he might ask Dick Cheney to be his running mate. Not even John McCain could be that utterly gormless, right?


There was a report in this morning’s Chicago Sun-Times (Yes, I know it was in Sneed’s column, which is regarded as little more than a glorified gossip column. However, Sneed is pretty up to snuff on politics and is a must read for people in and around our fair city who are in or interested in politics.) that John McCain is considering (Get this.) asking Condoleezza Rice as his running mate! Condoleezza “I love this war and the man who started it” Rice! The only difference between Condoleezza “And don’t forget I helped start this war!” Rice and her two bosses, Bush and Cheney, is that she is not a draft dodger chicken hawk, and that’s only because she didn’t have the opportunity.

As I’ve said in the Pontificator before, not only is John McCain in favor of continuing (for the next hundred years, if he is to be taken at his word) and expanding this war, he is politically tone deaf enough to not let you forget that he just basks in this war. Condeleezza “Don’t tell me about the terrorists, the real enemy is Russia and the real solution is missile defense” Rice will serve as a constant reminder that the GOP has nominated a man who makes George Patton look like Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Thank God he can’t win!

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