Thursday, November 22, 2007



Here is a letter I sent to our local paper, The Naperville Sun, last Thanksgiving. Like most holiday messages, it is timeless:


The name of the national holiday we are about to celebrate is “Thanksgiving,” not “Turkey Day.”

Despite what modern American popular culture would have us believe, this holiday was not established in order to give us an excuse for gorging ourselves on turkey, watching football, and preparing for hyper-stressed Christmas shopping ordeals. It was established to give us a special opportunity to give thanks, to God if one is a believer, for the many blessings that have been rained down upon us, perhaps the most salient of which at Thanksgiving time is living in this great country, an island of prosperity, security, and freedom in a world in which poverty, danger, and oppression are often the norm.

Have a wonderful and blessed THANKSGIVNG day, year, and life.

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